Mossadegh did not quit he was forced too resign or be executed in a “coup” not that different from the “violent one in turkey 2016”, the demonstrations were probably all “propaganda & CIA trickery, for communist russian puppet too go, and a pliable pro american puppet shah too be supreme leader”…

The informed, pragmatic utilitarian ethic is likely the most valuable. I think Kantian ethics can falsely appear valuable when there is lack of information, ie the results of an action are difficult to predict. For example, a pilot has learned that his plane is malfunctioning and will crash into a building killing 700. Thus, he opts to take the utilitarian action and crashes his plane into the ground, killing himself and 30 passengers. However, it is later found out in post crash investigation that the plane’s issue was actually very minor, and would likely have been resolved before the plane crashed into the building. Here, it appears that Kant has won; the pilot’s action in its absolute was not valuable, but he did it anyway because he was (incorrectly, according to Kant), basing his behavior off of predicted consequences. However, in reality the pilot’s action was ineffective because he did not have full information. Kant states that the unpredictability of any action’s effects make it so that humans should do the “absolutely” moral thing without considering their actions’ possible consequences. But, really, it is more reasonable to think that, despite times when it suffers from a lack of information, utilitarianism is more often going to yield a valuable outcome. People can think for themselves.

“You seem to have the idea that being treated like a child means being treated with less respect then an adult”- Skulduggery Pleasant (I can’t remember which book)

Constantly credited for “original” ideas that didn’t begin with them.” – Camille Paglia

It’s awful how misinterpreted this video seems to be, based on the comments (though youtube comments are usually among the trash heap of the internet). read some oscar wilde, or some ee cummings, and stop treating language like a science when it’s an art.

Hahahaha. hahaha.

Nice presentation

Introduce sir watch role adjust rate german walking after usual

All in keeping with the collective Indian mentality…… brutally selfish, family-clanistic, stingy, lack of compassion, segregation extream, racist… wonder where ever Indians go people dislike them as a group.. Not saying individual Indian people are bad… the mentality forces people to be that way to survive…I hope India finds a kinder social change based on equality rather than ruthless competition,,,in so doing finding the beauty of its past qualities. British colonialism has a lot to answer for in what it did to India

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Thanks for this video

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Kellyanne Conway is far superior even to this video which trivialises her genius


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