Is this guy an educator or comedian? Apparently he’s both and he seems quite effective at them as well.

-Jo Rowling, the deathly hallows.

Thank u for your channel

Robert from Canada. My heart goes out to you. I know exactly how you feel and walk in your shoes. with love and hope!

Also, I wonder why the Andronovo and Afanasievo cultures are ignored? And why are the the Cimmerans and Scythians shown to already enter the worldstage 2000 BCE? IIRC they should be placed much much later, sometime in antiquity.

Why these fckers at ted talks all look like overconfident and arrogant Bond villains? Extremely annoying to listen to these God like (in their minds) creatures.

Can you guys tell about Neo classical and Keynesian school of economics? And also I would like to know about Mercantilism and Physiocracy.

I love the music!!!!!!!!

Yes 3:12

Thanks sir 4 making economics so easy.

Allinta chay musicachata

Probably my favourite TED Ed of all

Please upload video in 720p hd

Just the smoking problem was kinda weird—quantity demand changing for youth smokers vs. adult smokers.

I really like Adrienne. She’s a good teacher.

Who needs Eminem when you’ve got this video


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