It can be a disaster for those who think this is the only things you need to know.


This video articulates a naiveté only found in faculty lounges or rooms full of people who are too educated to sully themselves actually working in the industries they are confident planning.

Could you do Wuthering Heights please?

Thanks foe helping me in exam..

Seems as though this list was heavily dependant on Hollywood adaptations, though they still skipped over William Shatner’s portrayal of Alyosha Karamazov? Bizarre…

Bearing this in mind, a ‘holy’ man would be somebody who does not necessarily abstain from pleasures, but who does not allow desires to guide him, but takes control over them (sort of like stoic thought). How far is this from the actual state of facts, and what else was then and there understood by ‘holy’?

But I don’t see a problem with what this lady is saying, because it is likely true for certain people in certain circumstances.

Whats good with cutting to the black girl on the word invalid at the 20 minute mark?

Some 50 years before the shipwreck of the Mignonette and Richard Parker’s demise Edgar Allen Poe wrote a very similar fictional account of cannibalism at sea. The name of the poor sacrificial lamb? Richard Parker, of course.

Sundancer, by Shelly Peterson.

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John Diggle, Arrow

“Even people can be devalued (as Kant realized) if human interaction is seen as a means to some other end. When children were invited to play with someone else in order that they might have access to one of that child’s toys — or, in another study, when they were offered cookies for playing with a partner — they were less interested in future interactions with the other child.” Alfie Kohn, Ibid., p. 77.

Good one


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