Meraviglioso. grazie grazie grazie al regista. persone così aprono il cuore alla speranza

AwSm bro

Did I get it right? well…..right enough for 5th grade….

Why the f**k would you think putting the sound of a chainsaw in this video would be appropriate. Immediately unable to concentrate.

Honestly we’re living in the generation of reboots and fan service.

Am I going to write examples on an essay or i just assume the examples or just a few?

Check Kirby Ferguson’s YT series “everything is a remix” (that’s my intertextuality for this current vid 😉 )

My parents divorced when I was 11 and now I’m 15, I learn many dillemas on life’s decision, Definitely a bad past. Infact, When I was taking this test I was so honest and got 220. Well sh*t my mental age is 21-29. And I was very serious when someone talks about others family and religion.

What is the difference btwn microeconomic and macroeconomic

Can you break down a Young thug song? Something similar to this video? I’m dead serious.

Is the sound broken?

As for the Indo-European peoples of Iberia, the Lusitanians, Celtiberians and Castro culture (Gallaecians) never existed.

Duration : 1 month, Fees Rs.4000/-

Think for yourselves, do things you love and give, live grounded in the present moment (not hypothetical realities).

Nazis are a common enemy immigrants are a new highly controversial hipotetical enemy, and it’s not the immigrants in themslef, it’s the elites that let illegals in-

Please made a video about sikhs there role in freedom fight and the fight against nazis and how they get attacked in europe and america for thier misidentity

P. s. you can copy and paste what I wrote

OK I do not support the notion that a genius is ‘created’ by education. Some are born to this brilliance and some are not. But even a genius can be an uneducated person if they grow up in isolation.

I was reading Moonwalking with Einstein when I first watched this video a while back. I finished The Power of Habit today, and going to finish A Mind for Numbers by next week. I keep coming back to this video.

I dont think trump has anything more to teach us about how speech or language for that matter can be a brand – a more salient lesson could be taken from Hitler’s or Goebbel’s speeches or Mussolini’s daily harangues from his balcony, or going back further to the orators of Rome – I think this little piece here is trying to find desperately something useful in the walking turdpile conflict of interest personified that is trump

Hi, I’m from Malaysia. We are a multicultural country so it is quite common for people here to be able to speak 2-3 languages. I can speak 6 languages; mandarin, english, malay & 3 chinese dialects (foochow, hokkien & cantonese). Interested to learn japanese & french. ; )

The media is just mad because they are getting nowhere with their honeyed words…


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