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5. Increasing Opportunity Cost -> When you use all your resources for one crop it will benefit, but not without the expense of the diminishing of the other crop.

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Tale of two cities?

Anyone got ur 10 mock tommorow

How about moving the teaching out of the classroom and on to Youtube, that way I could take your class during breakfast and spend the day googling the subject. Or is the only thing that’s stopping You, all the poor kids that can’t afford to physically take Your class?

I agree with the main point being made here–most of us have little exposure to linguistics, but we should because this field helps us to appreciate the power/complexity/flexibility of language, and casts most of the grammar Nazi-ing into the dustbin. However, partway through, the argument turns unfairly ad hominem, accusing grammar Nazis of not enjoying the beauties of language in our lives–that is a caricature…

“Because you’re human” Cough Warrior Cats cough

This video and her appraisal is somewhat inline with a interview I heard about, where a german intrepreter, couldn’t really translate, as the content (of what he says) is meaningless jiberish in German. Basically he doesn’t really say anying.

Learning that much Latin in one week?

Nice job as usual!

His laugh automatically makes me wanna laugh 💀

Is base rate in the spec?

It is great to be always aware of the value of ” here and now”, but if you claim to have ” no past in your back” you may be very mistaken. It is wonderful that looking at the cayman Emerson felt the animal “in himself”… But looking back at the history he could have felt the same way about the caveman too.

Organized religion such as buddhism is not what Buddha ever preached for, his greatest teaching is simply Vipassana.

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As I had noticed that I have a little problem of writing the essay, and thats why I am started to relearning the basic of Grammar and learning how to complete the tense together.

Well I am going to go end myself. Thanks. Bye.

What I can’t understand is how people have a problem with busieness people in the city. People who screw people out of work and life. What amazes, the real people who do that The governement, the power mad, the gangsters, the mafia. Those are the people who do the REAL bad things. However, who are these people that these BAD People are suppose to be hurting?

Thank you for your generous words and taking the time to comment. Best wishes on your projects.

The quality and detail that is put behind your videos is some next level stuff. They should be showing these as educational videos to students all across the country.

An archives of our own link brought me here and I’m not mad


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