When the day comes when you realize you cant eat money thats when you’ll know its worthless. Lets just take care of each other. We’re all the same, we’re all human.

Best. speech. ever. thanks alot!!

Thank u Miss Liz, that is very helpful as we far away from the native speaking countries

Bhai acc. bhi karvado

This video is pretty fucking hard to watch.

I’ve been subscribed since 20k subs 😀

Ha. Yeh Lance Armstrong had emotional fitness… and a big bag of drugs.

Mosaddegh was a democratic leader, even the NY Times honored his planned reforms…G Britian does not want a nationalization because they had some exploitating contracts for the oil and all almost all the money went to G. Britian not to the benefit of iran,

I would like to know if the DVD has Spanish subtitles, if anybody knows, please? IT’s for a gift.

(A) Marginal product of capital must be 10 and the daily wage for labor must be $50.

Age of Empires IIl

Im pretty shure you should get some hilarious bloopers out of these videos jajajajj

This is a lesson worth sharing. Good.

Finally! Economics CC!

Charlemagnes the real faggot here


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