Your videos are saving my IB HL.

She said that it will result in the deduction of marks cause you are deviating from the topic in the first line of a paragraph.

U explain very well sir I love the way u explain eco…..

What the nature of homosexuality is, how it is created, what makes a man’s psyche gay,

Oh i remember him in my childhood

Show this to feminists and liberals and see what happens

I need 8 million more vids like this

Just eat it instead of doing math with it

Sooo… She’s a cunning linguist. Got it.

Will there ever be a video for Jacques Lacan

I’m glad I know quite a few languages and not just a couple. 🙏🏻

Love it, very funny

Nice day!

How was the new equilibrium calculated?? (ie. P=$4, Q=80)

I believe there will be ‘Teams’ but not mid-game Diplomatics.


I realized that he doesn’t even need a microphone because he’s a megaphone himself 😂😂




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