Products, services, markets, entertainment, technology = good to be capitalist

Amazing that not one student during the vignettes mentioned the “moral and ethical code of man”…Also, Easy fix for the trolley vignette. Slam into reverse… Harvard let me in, but I need a full ride.

Thanks for sharing to us economic students! You have saved me a lot of time.



I have officially watched everything that I can find by Micheal Wesch today. As a university student who has ALWAYS questioned how the education system delivers its content and expectations out of its students, I would like to thank you Micheal for not only teaching your students the benefits of how technology can help us better ourselves but sharing it with the rest of the world. You are a brilliant man, thank you for taking on this HUGE task.

If the federal government reduces its budget deficit when the economy is close to full employment, which of the following will most likely result? The answer is Interest rates will decrease. BUT WHY??? PLEASE HELP (this is APMarcro 2008 #25)

This guy is amazing to listen to. His analysis is spot on, at least from my TOTALLY amateur, non-expert, opinion.

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The ‘zero-sum’ vs. ‘positive-sum’ debate..

So, where can I buy the Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray with English or Swedish subtitles? Strange that it’s so hard to find this.

Pretty fascinating because it seems like I am understanding something about what he’s communicating, the emotional tone. This would be a fun thing to be able to mimic for responding to annoying people. Fluent, smooth, normal sounding sentences that make no sense.

Wow!! YOU GO JADE!! YOU ARE STILL GONNA MAKE IT IF U DO A GAP YEAR OR NOT!!!! Although for me I dont think it will be as amazing as urs if i try it out and it might consume my time BUT HEY YOU GO GIRL!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!GO JADE!!! 😀

Why is this vid not in unit 2 playlist

Great video. Does anybody know what software he uses to draw graphs?

I feel like there’ll be a lot of pushback against robot surgeons

The nigerian accent was SOOOO BADD Will!!

Never gonna make you cry

May you please do a crash course in philosophy? (If you do can you maybe include Rudolph Otto and his mysterum tremendum et facinans, like you’ve mentioned in the fault in our stars and an abundance of katherines.

This goes deeper to even Wittgenstein and how language isn’t just only words. I know Young Thug’s method of getting high on drugs and making and dropping music, but there is intellectual material underneath, whether he himself can understand it or not.


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