I really enjoyed your teaching good job. thank you very much

Because the teacher looks like he could teach a class from a fairy tale 90%

Thanks a lot u saved me on a micro exam!

I love your quick, concise presentation. 🙂

I keep seeing these comments about going back to studying, and I’m sitting here like thinking: “Am I the only non-student that just wants to listen to classical music?” And then I have an existentialist crisis because philosophical zombie.

Mind blown!!!

R, s,p,

Places like this in India are known as the slums


2-Amerika was not loyal enough to Mohammad reza shah to give them a place to stay after they ran out of Iran,,, so they forced to leave America and then they end up in Egypt to do his surgery which resulted in his death because no doctor was allowed to do the operation from America and England, they would threaten the doctors.

شكراً لكم.

A gorgeous inspiration. Thanks for sharing

He has a son?!!!!!

Purple – Jimi Hendrix – Kissing the Sky

Babannnem şu yaptığını görse vay kör olasıca derdi..😃

1: Trolly care driver – kill the 1, because you’re already directly involved in looming death and it’s best to minimize the suffering when forced to choose.


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