Yeah, but have you read ‘Of Love and Other Demons’? That thing is fire Johnn, gotta put your hands on that book.

Hi! Great videos! Are you planning to do one on Pierre Bourdieu, as well? That would be awesome!! Thank you!

Gotta love those bonus rounds!

What you call arrogance is honesty.

And inflation…. smh.


Verse 2: My head is wet from the rain,

You could have taught him The language of the dragons from Skyrim. Then he could use the thu’um. FUS RO DAH

Most smartest? Alex really need to teach his human grammar.

The only fair and efficient way of allocating income is by limiting differences in income 2 only what’s reqd 2 get people 2 work hard and give max effort

First of all, using the word “retarded” is offensive and dated. Start there…

Clean up your coffee you bum.

I’m learning French but I also want to learn Norwegian as I want to move to Norway 🙂


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