For Q5, you used “singing” as the end of the topic sentence, but the next sentence started with singing, which is exactly what Q6 is trying to make you avoid…

Listen to me “I GOT REALLY REALLY EXCITED AND LIKED UR VIDEO” thank u very much.

În cazul în care echipa mea românească?😖

@alittlebitofmoi –>> Yes, and building a narrative around those snapshots using an appropriate and effective pattern of organization: chronological, spatial, Q&A, etc.

I have no idea what he’s saying but he’s tall, handsome, has a deep voice, and sounds articulate and that’s awesome. Thank you, Tony!

Watch how this is just a glamorous ad for looloo boots

Lolita blood

I really appreciate life, and humans from every inch on this world. and im so amazed the Rothschilds didn’t stop this film maker, omg, love wins. i knkw i d wake up with a new persona tomorrow, and i would be happy to watch the rest volumes of films. thanks to the director.

Talking about God hurt this speech for me so much.

I love languages. I’ve learned to at least count to ten in several languages, and continue to work on Spanish as a second language since I was a kid.

Oh my god… he did it… i would’ve vomited less than halfway through…

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

In christian worldview, this view are considered as “natural/general revelation”, there’s some truth of it but not (and far from) perfect, because it is by merely human endeavor to “seek” the truth, since human mind is finite and imperfect, it is half truth, not-full-truth..

The lady annoys me… a little.


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