Vee. say it again.


One of the best ones of TED

Whoo the fuck is steve jobs.

Oh please. We do this to our very own human children all the time.

This whole thing seems quite similar to assembly language. The carpet can be seen as the Registers, while the player character is the Accumulator. The inbox and Outbox can be seen as specific memory addresses the data comes from/goes to. We have (so far) Jump commands, conditional jumps, move commands, copy commands, and the add command.


I just want you to know that our university uses your videos as a ‘pre-lecture study’ in Economics. That’s how excellent your vids are.

“Wow you’re still alive.”

The “Tl” sound is a bit like double “L´s” in Icelandic. Like in the famous volcano “Eyjafa-ll-ajöku-ll”.

Red velvet

The party. The hour has dawned. I walked into the hall

It should be noted that long before the Hippy Revolution, Emerson and Thoreau were reading Eastern philosophy, (especially the Bhagavad Gita), which must have certainly informed their pantheistic beliefs.

Fucking stupid!

I am uploading a similar video to this, to tell you guys the truth. Thank you Fresh for inspiring me to do my dream job.

Tatti arahi hai

Thanks you guys, pretty handy info!!! 😀


Trump’s way of speaking reminds me of some drunken bar-fly at the end of the night that just won’t shut the fuck up.

That schools prepare children to be college professors RATHER than to help them

OMG I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA OMG I REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU OMG OMG IM SO HAPPU THAT YOU ARE PLANING TO COME TO AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 (p. s you are one of my biggest motivations, when ever I feel like I my studies are getting to hard I watch your videos)

Please will you make carvaka philosophy video?

Uhmm… age of empires 3 anyone?


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