I almost cried :(. hard to believe but that is true

It’s me or at this time 1:30:37 you can heard barely a weird breath and a constantly typing, it´s sort of sexual don´t you think?

No one will believe in you unless you do.


It’s like a life cycle


The first few seconds make me feel depressed already. So I stopped watching this video. How terrific it is!

Too good to be true

Russian is not exist

:: Thomson Reuters using blockchain on wallstreet

This is great! Tony Robbins is a great speaker and I’m glad to see he him at Ted. Thanks for sharing!

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I’m disappointed that they didn’t mention that inflation is basically govt. theft and a huge cause is the printing of more money, our fiat currency.

Perhaps you could do some videos explaining the terms you use and what it means for the vowels to be more towards the back etc.


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