That faction is already conducting massive ‘Stealth Humanocide’ [Stealth “Eugenics”] — even PUBLICLY declaring their ‘“95% global human population reduction”’ goal — via their ‘servant-dictator’-induced and global arms cartel-induced “civil wars”, their global drugs cartel [heroin, crack cocaine, etc.], the toxicity and ‘side-effects cascades’ engineered into their ‘pseudo-medicines’, including ‘pseudo-vaccines’, by the Rockefeller-AMA-Pharmaceutical Industry, and via engineered ‘pseudo-foods’, etc., all of which together induce mass chronic disease — diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, chronic pain/opioid addiction/overdose/mass death — plus their “genetically-engineered”, or “genetically modified [GMO]” [genetically “enhanced”],‘designer diseases’, e. g., Lyme, AIDS, Ebola, Zika, etc.

Wow this is soooo different

Ni hâo ma?


I am surprised at that an American English to develop only takes weeks. I thought it would take several decades. Therefore, I finally knew a new language can be shaped in short period of time after I watch this video. And languages could be influenced by culture, history and so on. So I think that’s why the world Englishes has been produced.


If you never give up on anything, are you giving up on giving up?🤔

Nice job, host. We appreciate it.

At my school we had something like this called club code

Those who r watching this video….. They r superb bcoz sir is the best teacher of economics nd I m from shri lanka

This makes me hate people more

Can anyone recommend research paper writing company?

Our fate lies in the hands of the things we love, and sometimes the things we love are the things that lead us to the destruction of ourselves. – R. M. Drake

These videos all day.

I will find you

That Persian song at intro got me like :’)

Damn All she does is press buttons all day.

Thank you sir for your lecture. I am from Bangladesh, and i am a student of Bangladesh University. I select HRM on my major subject. your lecture is very helpful for me

Useful vidéo I prepare my Bsc in HR in France, thank you very much to share your HRM courses…

Solution? Don’t ever interview her.

I guess I’m just talking to myself.

How can anybody be happy and feel free, knowing about the killings and tortures and suffering going on for millions of people and animals on this planet – and even call it progress?


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