Pakistan :))

Such a thing as a ‘prototypical’ gay man, even if he is a recent creature of history.

Bill Gates, CEO, dropped out of university.

This teached me gooder languaging

You fucking slavic and mongol mixed rats can`t claim middle eastern Peoples heritage, “Israel” has never existed, and the real “whites” are the Middle Eastern People our history proves it and Roots are in Anatolia stop splitting my nation for your new age zionist ideas, this is not your History, i look on Race and non of you looks like someone from anatolia, so stop claiming it you filthy fucking we wuz kangs gyspy jews.

Steve Jobs was genius at peddling others ideas. Starting in 1999 & by 2005 the Japanese were already using their cell phones for payments, download apps & music, pictures, social networking, & web. Like how we use it in 2013. He went there to study their cell phone culture (Keitai culture), then came back, repackaged it as the Iphone & sold it to the world. Had a Chinese firm done this it be would be labeled copying, but since he was an American it is called creativity & ingenuity.

There has to be a love button on YouTube.

Love it would like to see more

In fact it is pronounced both ways depending on the historical background and geographical location. Look up the information in standard historical literature and both are used, although certain regions prefer the “K” sound.

Please do coen brother’s film Fargo, Frances McDormand did a great job there.

You will have lots of viewer trust me, people just doesn’t know about you:)

Stop throwing stones at her in the name of comment…what if copied, she was unique in her own way…

It is an insightful and fun video about null article! I have learned a lot. By the way, apart from the aforementioned situations that an article or a noun marker is not needed, is my example given below another situation?

Please upload more videos regarding IELTS.

I add a lot of space… But that’s because my explanations short. So I make it look long.


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