Solid as fuck

You did well for someone who doesn’t know how to code! 🙂

Did I just start crying over a four-minute youtube video about a parrot? Yes. Am I ashamed? Not at all.

Linguist: “When you hear Donald Trump speaks….” Speaks huh.


Welsh completely disregarded again. Typical.

So moving, cried within the first 12 mins.

Mr Stefan, how can we leave? and go were? in the middle of the desert? or in the middle of the woods? were? how can you eat or act? how can you take a shit and use a napkins? we are in a very very veeerrryyyyy BIG BUBBLE.

Heteronormistic tyranny and white patriarchy, and the stance we must take against bigotry, intolerance and sexual repression.

But / hunger’s now / on the rise / again / 26 million

You are so incredibly talented 😍❤️ I love your art so much!!

I love how everyone was applauding him at the end and he’s just like “nbd”

You are sooo CUTE 😉

Now we have a doctor situation with this trolly car scenario and again we are doing the Socialist, IS ONE LIFE WORTH THAT OF THE MANY OR ARE THE MANY WORTH THE LIFE OF THE ONE!!

I need pdf to this lasson

Thank you so much for the webinar. I have learnt a lot of intersting things. The bottleneck hypothesis interested me.

I think you need to have a basic understanding of sociology to understand what she is trying to say. The people calling this bullshit and talking about biological differences have misunderstood her point. In sociology, there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is the biological component (she’s not getting at that) and gender is the behaviours/attitudes/norms/values associated with sex – which is what she is getting at. Gender is what is socially constructed (and it is, that’s not a secret or “theory”). We treat boys and girls differently as soon as they are born. The fact that a lot of little girls prefer pink and little boys prefer blue isn’t a genetic response. It’s a conditioned psycho-social response. Some people take it a little further and argue that even biological differences don’t make much of a difference, but I think that’s when it becomes a bit controversial.

I always thought something was off visually

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Next lecture b chaeay mjy


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