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According to Steven Hassan, a licensed mental health counselor with experience on cults, “Partly what’s going on with the people on the Internet who are indoctrinated, they spend lots of hours on the computer. Videos can have them up all night for several nights in a row. Molyneux knows how to talk like he knows what he’s talking about, despite very little academic research. He cites this and cites that, and presents it as the whole truth. It dismantles people’s sense of self and replaces it with his sense of confidence about how to fix the world.”

Who is this High School Google practitioner next to Mr. Chomsky?

Great teaching

Ending with an open-mid front unrounded vowel with alveolar lateral approximant.

“If anyone were to argue, in extenuation, that Mao did not personally kill or intend to kill the victims, or that the crime that is the centerpiece of the indictment of Communism is mitigated by the fact that it was a failure of information (as Sen and Dreze argue) or had to do with something in Mao’s personal life, they would be dismissed with contempt as apologists for atrocities.”

Artistic and Childish pft that’s honestly right xD

Thanks. it show me my weakness.

“But if you tame me, then we


I remember being in 9th grade. Somehow, my teacher was the only one in the room who didn’t get the “Grey Hare Pie” joke. We laughed for two whole sessions of class. . .

Thanks for the existential crisis. Now what?

She so damn fine.

Thanku so much sir…😊

Love this but studing programming

The Buddha’s teachings are well summarised in the video. The mention of King Ashoka is really important in the history of Buddhism because he had sent his daughter and son to sri lanka and china respectively to convey the Buddha’s teachings. It is because of this that Buddhism is existing now or else it would have been washed of or would have had a very little influence


Hi Zontulfimsltd, I want to begin by saying that the you’re video was very helpful and to the point. I noticed that the video was orientated more towards argumentative essays. Do you have videos or tips on analytical essays? Thank you.

And even when they go to the doctor with a flue or for a flue-shot.

What if the employee has proven on countless events that they can’t be trusted to work without supervision?

The blue helmets are at it again.

I am a strong advocate for the “One Parent One Language” (OPOL) form of teaching a child to be bilingual. I can speak near fluent Japanese and my wife is very fluent in English, but we do our best to keep to OPOL. My son, from an early age, was extremely good with code-switching (speaking English to me, then immediately turning around and speaking Japanese to my wife or mother-in-law), however my daughter isn’t as adept. She often understands me, but always responds in Japanese. When I get no response, I tell my son or wife to tell her what I want and then after it is said in Japanese, I repeat it in English. It’s frustrating. And to be honest, if my daughter (assuming she’d have the same character) were born first I would have been very worried. However, I have an MA in Second/Foreign Language Acquisition, and with that in mind after having my first-born I’ve read many books about bilingualism and multilingualism… All of them say to NEVER! NEVER!!! give up.


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