But for troubleshooting and maintenance (as well as design), its easier to have only as many as you need. (And to have the right one for its place, but that aside…)

She needs to learn from Noam Chomsky.

Aw um buying the dvd einstein the talking texan parrot sent me here xxx god bless alex

Thnx fr thz Definition..Ur wording nd Example r Damn easy…..or bahut ache se samajh Aya..😇


Stop the video for each page and read.

I searched for IB ECO HL REVISION and this came up.. does this video follow the IB Syllabus?

Its a full priced game, why would it not be.

Not done puking yet. it just pisses my off that those who try to preach economics and think their knowledge of it is infallible do not truely understand a fucking thing. they just know what they have been told and then search for reasons as to why what they have been told is true and infallible. what if the price control/time limit/cap for a mortgage was 5 years? would it then be considered a price control just because the time limit changed? what about car loans? 7 years bitch. thats a price control. what if car loans were not capped or price controlled at 7 years? what if instead of car loans being price controlled at 2 years? would it then be all of a sudden a price control? why is it that the only time i ever hear about price controls is about how they are communistic in nature and you usually hear about them in reference to a poor employee who wants more value for his work from his rich boss? only then do you hear price controls and commie this and commie that. if you are a real advocate of free market capitalism you would be against the price control of 30 year mortgage, 7 year car loan, 40 hour work week, i could do this all day

Just followed Joss on Twitter she’s gorgeous & lover her soft voice lol

After reading about it I’m still unclear about the Fluent aphasia – are the thoughts in his head jumbled or are they normal? Thank you

Nailed it!

What do you think? Is this helpful? Let me know

And she also uses slang to reach the younger crowd I’m guessing, BFF and Hot Mess etc…

Not a bad list but missing some big ones

The Daily Show had a Three Episode About Iran Witch I really Like You To Watch 🙂

I am a cordinate bilingual cause i am brazillian and i learn wnglish with 14 years old

I like how he smaked the seal and takes its fur thats nagic for you but please dont abuse animals

Lol I want to see how he’d react to “Kryptonian” (a. k.a. Esperanto, according to Superman/Batman: Apocalypse)

The astonishing life of octavion nothing traitor to the nation

WTF, Homeworld one of the first real 3D RTS games?

I define “exploitation” as “the usage of a person’s work capacity to gain profit while not paying the respective person a) a wage sufficient to realize his human rights in the country he is residing in or b) a wage above a) but not adequate to the amount & importance of the work”. And since I have been to China twice, I must admit that the working conditions at the local fabrics are exploitative and therefore unbearable. The same problem exists in South Asia. One cannot deny this.


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