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I was so confused on this topic. I’m so glad I found this!! THANK YOU

Those 5k dislikes are feminists

Home schooling

8. Steal the Show by Michael Port

Please do George Orwell!!

Thank you and have a good night.

Can you do an episode on TTIP please

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Yeah, he speaks in a less formal manner than other people in authority. But President Obama was more casual and still maintained a certain decorum. He was relaxed and still civil. These traits she claims make Trump more accessible are ones that I have always found to be phony and extremely annoying no matter who does them. Politicians are full of crap, Trump, who is not a politician, is thoroughly untrustworthy. No matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney.

COuld I wrote most of my answer on the extract alone? How many paragraphs would you recommend?

Daym, I hate mondays


OMG everything he said is true this help me a lot

Q: What do you read my lord? A: Words, words, words.

Like for this girl

This thing is bullshit dont even bother wasting your time



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