Hablar de tu puta vida………quien te de derecho hijo de puta

In the first minute, I heard the linguist call most Americans as lacking education. Her comment doesn’t speak well for American education nor most Americans. Sad.

I suggest to write a little bigger letters. 🙂

You damn right its a joke bitch

5:31 chinese jennette mccurdy

Obama is my favourite president

Wrong wrong wrong. my god, i live in northumberland ( northumbria) your timelines are out.

And my point is then if you have limited channels of educability, perhaps you are not all that educable? Those of us who are educable can learn in any way needed.

Am I the only one who read broad strokes of Farenheit 451 in the movie Equilibrium? Or was it too obvious?

You’re nuts, go get some help. The psychology of the brain proves you right wing morons wrong in every way.

However, I do not know how to calculate opportunity cost PER UNIT. Perhaps I missed this explanation in the Unit 1 Basic Concepts? If so, please refer me to the right part of the video. Or, could you please refer me to material that teaches me step by step how to calculate opportunity cost per unit? I may need to do this on my exam and will have to do it to demonstrate Terms of Trade.

This linguist is not exactly practicing a science that is exact. There is lots of guess work involved.

I really enjoy and value your perspectives on Proto-Indoeuropean religious praxis, proto-mythological reconstructions, and psychological themes (eg. the ghosti principle, etc.).

OOMG I’m loving your vids! I’m not an architect but I do have a model railroad I want to make custom structures for! I would screamingly love to see your layout if you ever start one! What would be the best way you recommend to glue printed texture printouts to cardboard, foamcore or such? I find glue sticks don’t perform that well.

Young thug>2pac SIMPLE

“PLay through the tutorials to lean how to play the game”


Great job


She hit the nail on the head. I’d rather have a president who speaks down to earth like Trump does, than have a president who speaks like a cool, smarmy, deceitful snake such as obummer did. Charming demon from hell he was….

Gotta make you understand


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