Thugger Michael Jackson

Loving this video

Will any robot ever be able to copy Enya music though?

I really need more videos like this, he is amazing

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I saw this one facebook and subbed immediately, this is brilliant

Atlas shrugged is one of the best selling novels of all time the fact that it wasn’t in the top 3 is disrespectful the fact it didn’t even get an honorable mention is flat out pitiful.

Thank you 🙂 I improved on this in Gestures and Body Language 2. It is nothing but pictures

Thanku sir

Trump does NOT talk like the most uneducated person ever encountered. I have met people who stopped going to school at 8 years old and were infinitely more intelligent and well spoken than this pile of retarded dog shit

But when we hear Donald Trump speaks, …

Excellent video! If you like rhymes and structures I suggest you dig into spanish, argentinian and chilean rap, specifically the rap battle scene. Structures and flow is really important and appreciated over here. Zasko, Compareflow, Ricto, Sweetpain… those are all considered “estructuradores” who rhyme each syllable of the 4 bars while improvising.

Great video!!!! Thank you.

The typical fallacy of invoking “expert opinion” to validate a claim that has no factual foundation. Trump doesn’t speak like everybody else does; not everybody else speaks like he does.

Except the “boogieman” is not so much refugees and immigrants now but Donald Trump. Almost every media corporation is pro-immigration and heavily anti-Trump

I wish I had a mentor like him…!

or we just give a big hug, sometimes we even hug a person we don’t know very well, if the situation is seen as appropriate,


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