“if everyone was fat, we’d be closer”

Im not a jew and say the over pronounced T at the end of the word, like, imporTanT

I thank you

Never gonna run around and desert you

John – I know you’ve done lots of book recommendations, but I’d like to ask for a specific one! One of the things I love most about your books is that you’ve created such a world within each of them, it’s fun to just fall into it while you’re reading. The Harry Potter books and lots of other popular, captivating books are that way. But since I’ve now read all of yours, can you recommend any others – YA or otherwise?

I’ve bought your ultimate package last week on Thursday or Friday, don’t remember the day. However, I’ve passed my CLEP exam! Thank you, you saved me $750 for the Microeconomics college class. Cheers!

You are wrong implying that everyone wants meaning in their life. As far as I remember I have neither searched for meaning or cared whether or not there was any, it simply does not matter to me in the slightest. I just do what will make me or the people I care for happy now or in the future. That’s enough, I don’t need a meaning or a purpose. The only things that have meanings or purpose are things that have been made specifically to do a job, I am not such a thing so why would I need a meaning or purpose? Sure you can give yourself your own meaning if you want (though it won’t really mean anything), and while you waste time deciding that I’m just going to get on with my life.


Aka nostalgia

-after a long journet, intense battles and moral dilemmas his hopes are crushed and his situation gets much more complicated


Thank you! Your flee map approach helps to organize and maintain structure.

I don’t keep a knife under my seat

Of course there is a “cage”. But the point is, there will always be a cage, and you can only try to make it bigger. If you remove the cage, someone will come and put you in a cage again, meaning, if the gouvernment falls, a new gouvernment will rise and probebly limit our freedom again

Should you read the texts explained in the series independently along with their videos? (or at least the ones independantly readable)


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