These all are big hallow glass spheres.

That woman is trying so hard. Just be yourself. Its not funny

PLEASE. This planet is amazing and beautiful. Step outside, breathe in the air for a moment. Then ask yourself: Should I make a change? Should I open my fucking eyes and do something? The answer to that is Y E S.

Curious George tops all these books by far!


I love you crash courses

Do they think this is the best way to go about bringing a voice to police brutality? It’s only pissing off Americans who respect this country

This video is stupid. Romanian is not a slavic language, it is la Latin language. Just like Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. This idiotic video shows that Romanian emerged from Slavic language. Plus the fact that the region of Romanian speaking language is 1/4 of the correct one. All Business Insider research is like this one?

But….. this is media

The way he pronounced mafia. lol

I mean: they will never be real size, that wouldnt make sense. but thise little ball with some H2O on it? – looks rahter like a molded asteroid than a vivid planet… can’t just be all about having more, and even more of planets in one solarsystem, can it?… would be disappointing.

Just hearing him speak makes me tear up

“NO! Don’t wear your ACDC belt buckle!”

Is this a weird cult?

You are doing good dear, Improve your audio video quality and mention important terms in Hindi as well so that Hindi medium students also can take help. Thanks & God Bless You

Standard German: Das Buch war interessant [das buːx vaɐ̯ ʔɪntəʁəsant]

Great talk Mary. I don’t know how I missed this before now. My apologies. I appreciate the passion with which you continue to put the “human” back into human resources. Thanks for the great reminder!

Thanks i will manspread more from now on


Caraí mas a maioria e verdade

Do y write any book?


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