P. S I know it would be difficult, but I know it’s the subject I will actually put a lot of work in. Also, I’m picking French, Law and psychology for my a levels

Thanks man for making me smarter

Quick question, im using his philosophy for a kritik in my debate neg case, how does the government today appear to be kind?

The thumbnail is fucken hilarious. I thought this video was going to be discussing and analyzing her left eye.

I and many of us have “grown balls” without jobs what can we do?

Name of song

Why will firms stay in a position where there will be no economic profit? whats the point of the firm then?

Actually we are forced or else we fail social studies… and our teacher is mean…

I’m so happy you started Econ video series. Please do as much as possible. 🙂

Not all heroes wear capes

Wasn’t the music in this video from x-men first class!!

OMG thank you so much James!!!! I really needed help in essay’s as I always score 18/30 or just above 15 and this video helped me a lot. I gotta subscribe to you!!!

Well that was fucking depressing.

What’s there to explain? She’s a spineless void of integrity and brains tart!

It is unpleasant when you stretch you month too long

I feel irritated when I watched her gesture and tone. She did not gave any smile on her face. Indian guy are being so over smart

Who to our Western eyes seem perfectly natural and masculine in all respects.

Wanted to create for themselves the right to punish — or wanted to create this right for

How can we apply more than one theories to a research

This guy looks like Daniel Tosh’s normal brother


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