If ye change education, ye change business, cant be done


Luther could have been an Olympic athlete.

(I would’ve used Zero Hour and Forces of Corruption, but he said no expansions or DLCs)

They fixed this a bit with Wonder Woman, and I hope for Justice League, as well.

I love your dick cyclops now suck my PAINIS

What kind of notes do these students take?

Visit Here:

Kill me

Got my economics GCSEs in a week, you’re my last resort XD, subsribed


Wonderful, brilliant, You should also see jainism, a true religion of peace, anekantavada, syadvada. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Anekantavada six men and elephant comes from this philosophy!. Finally, jnana yoga, which is relentlessly “asking who am I?” find out ones true identity to realize our true nature is sentience, same as all other creatures. Please look at jainism, love your work Mr Alan, Atheism 2.0. Valuing wisdom from many sources.

She is grace under fire. All she really does, is utilize the time given her in front of a camera, to publicize the president’s agenda and ideas. If you don’t like it, don’t interview her! 😀

Programs offered in Texas

2:52 UFO!

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

The art work remind me of world of goo

U’r the best out of the best! 2 hours lecture won’t be comparable to this video.


is fucking ugly (excuse my French, but… seriously)! I almost could stand it. All was gray, without shadows, barely any real black color in the screen! Just with a little bit more of darker gamma (not even contrast), it would’ve been much better… Proper basic colors calibration is the most essential thing!


A lot of people don’t go to uni straight away, and in fact I don’t plan to go at all. So good for u and i hope you enjoy your gap year


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