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Bob Neufeld breathes life into many of Emerson’s transcendental writings via richly narrated audiobooks. He also does THE definitive narration of Dostoyevsky’s Notes From The Underground.

None of charlemagne’s BS worked on this cat, and he exposed his illuminati ties…. Out of everything, that was the most significant take away from the interview…. #backfired

Akkadian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, French use to be trade languages between various countries. So English will cease to be a world language sooner or later.

I’ve been through a lot in my life

Man. It’s amazing any economy even works since it relays so much on you buying stuff whether you need it or not; where in for individuals, the goal is always to save money and invest on your future

Is “knowledge acquisition” synonymous to “education”?

I have age of12 it shows19 25

I love this and your channel so much

Thanks to you millions are being brainwashed for the nwo and UN Agenda21 you’re a disturbing troll, fame and money over truth.

I want to make my writting beautiful using cut marker….for main headings



We should also take in to account that we measure ‘better off’ against western consumer patterns on the whole, which are commonly proven to unsustainable for the rest of the world to replicate, and generally excessive. Countries like Cuba might have less powerful economies because they don’t trade as much, but that doesn’t mean they have a lower standard of living just because they can’t buy 3 cars and buy all their vegetables from New Zealand. Consumerism doesn’t equal health, happiness and sustainability.

HINDUISM religion of the devil. Only Satan and his demons can promote such cruelty. Enough said.

The invention of science is philosophy

The World misses you Steve x

Lots of folks going on about existentialism and such, so I might as well pitch in. Existential crisis only really bugs me because of mortality itself (I’m one of those surprisingly rarer folks that would happily live forever). The MEANING of life side of the crisis, to me, is very simple – To be happy and to make others happy – or at least happier than they were when you left them. It’s something you can’t ever hope to be all that good at, but you try. I think this is actually why I get so passionately annoyed at some subjects, because since my ANSWER to a large part of existential crisis ITSELF is centered around making other people happier and more well off, when I see folks do things counter to that it REALLY bugs the ever-living hell out of me.



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