How would you write a personal statement for law with psychology?

I was wondering if you could read “Inside the Queen’s Chamber” by F. G. Srebot. It is my first book and I am currently working on my second. It is a Conspiracy Mind Thriller. it is very different!

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I’m a Southerner (I’m from Southern Britisch Columbia) and I LOVE his accent, hate most of his politics. Donald Trump is my HERO!

Like most things in movies these days, intertextuality has been WAY! overdone.


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@ 1:47 miss beautiful… 🙂

Best meme

English(Young Thug)

Very good lecturer prof. Dr. Armin Trost i keep it.

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This video just pisses me off! I know it’s not real but still. And what’s up with the face in the thumbnail?

Explain by English

“Nihilism” the word I was waiting for, for describing Rick and Morty.

Bullshit for kids and idiots!

Her argument is only true if certain aspects of human nature are exclusive to either of the sexes, which is of course, horseshit. Men can be caring, empathetic, and compassionate just as women can be cold, callous, aloof, and combative. All we need to do to eliminate this “behavior creates gender” confusion is to remove the incorrect assumption that certain character traits only, or should only, exist in one of the genders and the societal biases that foster such beliefs.

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