I have mailed u thrice and got no reply is n’t it bad “:(

You look insanely whack when just a fraction of my tracks run

Hey, I had that cash register toy in the background!

Jade💗 Please come to Malaysia, it’s really nice here🌸

Very helpful for my exam today, thank you!

You sir, are a legend.

Which is the philosophy of “Buy Sell Produce Zero” and how the 1% control how much standing surplus labor there is, what if any crumbs are thrown at them and to keep labor supply at 1 job to 10000 people which will very soon turn into even worse odds as machines/robot replacements accelerate, what then? how will continually flooding America with illegal/legal foreigners help keep this bs economy going? whats the plan

Binge Watch all day today, bless you

Railway competition for

Se ve bien acabado.

And the the self made hierarchies of putting oneself as better then those that act prejudiced and we end up with a massive self aware feedback loop.

All time favorite

I like this vid thanks for the upload

Do I really have to change my personality so I can have nicer handwriting

How can i find the melody only?


Human Resources was probably not funded because of the sorry state Planetary Annihilation launched in. It is still unfinished, after they moved to Titans, which owners of PA would still need to pay full price for.

Excellent presentation. One of the coolest I’ve seen


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