I’m surprised New Zealand is at the right end of the spectrum since I consider my country to be pretty socialist in some aspects (health care, welfare etc) or more so than America which is what I would consider to be the quintessential capitalist country.

What if you’re black, and by black I mean black as a mofo, like night sky black, and you naturally look hostile ans dangerous, not even joking

Wow the body movement helps a lot

What are you doing today?

Capitalism will fall, as the atomation rises

Fantastic video

How is this admirable? Shouldn’t we hold this man to a higher standard if we are going to study him? – – – Foucault reading himself: “I don’t really care if I understand Foucault and what he has to say. I really just want to take my own understanding of him and do whatever the hell I want with it to justify my view of the world.

Sir plz plz reply

Except here comes marketing. It works to make you find it valuable at any price it stands at. What you value is not completely your decision because of Marketing.

What are your career plans, because I can imagine you being an amazing teacher

It’s not that deep lol he just rapping. Enjoy it and stop complaining.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is another wonderful author who drank himself to death…Robert Redford played in the better movie..

Ah, when generalisations are stated as fact. For example, SOME women would love to be held from behind because it would make them feel protected, secure.

Sir, please Deliver lecture on a national accounting income method.

I’m 13 and I don’t even know what I’m doing in 9th grade a. k.a High School.

Does Bryan understand some questions? If so, when answering questions he understands, does the voice in his head just not match the words he is saying and he believes he is answering the question meaningfully, or is he just unable to find words?

If you ever choose to do one of these for ulysses, I would be eternally gratefully.


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