The yellow killer clown in the White House speaks like idiot 😜

Talking about the demographics, HR management really needs to gear up for the generation Z employees (a nightmare for the HR!). They are the post millennia group of people who are totally techno savvy, highly ambitious, w2 active and not very loyal to the company! Being a bunch of highly talented group, the company finds them hard to retain!

Yeah maybe in US… I know damn well how employees are treated at apple in cork – Ireland. The worst place of work in EMEA!

2.5-lingual here… I speak Mandarin Chinese and English, and still learning Japanese. Btw, her pronunciation of Mandarin sounded like a native.

Hlo sir next chptr ki b video bna do

Login is a verb, people use it as so, thus, when it comes to making it a word, we have done it. Any word can be conjugated using helping verbs alone.

Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps

The 1st 7 items basically described Facebook.

I now hate everyone

This seems an ideology to justify the “roles” of third world countries, former colonies, who are demanded to keep producing oranges and buying high tech, when this is clearly non beneficial to their balance of trade.

Covers everything I need, Thanks!!


I am exactly your 11000000 checked it withsub counters

If there was only one government monopoly producing firefighters, do you think they would be produced efficently?

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With love – an actual shoggoth

What about Super-heroes? Do they follow the same formula?

I found it rather strange that the Hunger Games was chosen as a specific example. I suppose it was popular, but I think there are far better examples. Just my opinion though.


This needs to be a series

Me in a few days #graduationwhereareu

Mosadeq was not a communist. actualy he wanted to use the power of Russia & England against each other.

Brad: wHat?

The cat chases the dog into the house.


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