Dumb people stay in.

-hence, gender is a performance

Nous sommes

Wow Ellen Degeneres really degenerated, she looking like she 80.

Why it need strong voice in academic writing?

Thank you I learned more in less then ten minutes then hours in literacy classes I find it kind of funny.

She’s not “good at it” at all. She just avoids answering difficult questions. Frustrating? “Her secret”? Just don’t expect a straight answer. Don’t expect that your time will be productive asking her questions No skill is required. Just assume you are asking questions to a mannequin.

Lol, he sounds drunk if you slow it down to.5

The thumbnail has me dead

Really amazing vdo.

Aside from the fact that the subtitling was incorrectly punctuated (* it should have been a nay comma, that preceded the “believe me”), this expression is a literal ‘tell’ of someone who is lying through their teeth. Check any lie detection basics guide, and it’s one of the first things taught.

I like the music & the HR 🙂

Marry meeee yar……………………………

Thank you for this and other videos on this channel. As I learn more of eastern and western religion they really aren’t that different. they both fundamentally believe in a greater force/entity than what is directly observable. Abrahamic religions focus it on a single God whereas further

I’m confused.. I can’t shorten my sentences because there is a number of word to target. And some say to use complex sentences..

89.99 usd my mother will kill me

Can you make a video about international law?

Monkeys are using less and different language to!

Slackers, writing notes to a camera instead of doing class work

The problems of the world are not my problems and I do not feel obligated to help them.

10:42 well since Im from the future Trumps in that ambulance

Number two is used to justify number one. it is a judgement that someone talking about someone else not present, will also talk about you in a similar manner. People don’t listen to warnings about others, to their own detriment.

Thank you so much for a very wonderful lectures.

Obama translator lmao


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