I’m going to use this to take both the micro and macro CLEP. Thank you.

دوزاری تو هنوز نیافتاده بعد از ۳۷ سال۰ حکومت اسلامی ساخته روس و انگلیس و امریکا هست۰ وقتی میگه مرگ بر امریکا و اسرائیل، یعنی من نوکر امریکا و اسرائیل هستم، این یک شعار بچه خر کن هست۰ وقتی میگه من حافظ اسلام هستم یعنی من اسلام رو از ریشه میکنم۰ چند میلیون خر مذهب رو توی عراق و سوریه و افغانستان ویمن به کشتن داد و چند تا امریکای و اسرائیلی رو توی این ۳۷ سال کشت؟ چند بیلیون پول مملکت رو دزدید؟ خریت هم حدی داره. اینها یک مشت دزد و پدر سوخته هستند در لباس اسلامی ، گرگ در لباس گوسفند، دنبال گوسفند هایی مثل شما که خون ایران رو بمکن۰مملکت رو کرن برده ی آمریکا و اسرائیل و ایران شده جنده خونه که توش پر از جنده ها و بچه کونی هست.

It looked like what a 21st century human being would explain to a cave man, only the cave man happens to live in the same era!

Thank you Mr Armin

Keep up it thanxyou so much

So Vsauce… I need someone with a higher background in math and physics than myself to help prove my theory on division by zero. I call it the ‘apple pie theory’. Are you up for it?

Great video!! there are many benefits:

Btw, the newspaper calls Khoemeni a “mad indian poet” since his family was from India.


What does he speak coz I can’t understand anything?

Classes. are very clear plz upload more classes

TED Talk please do german subtitles

Is that the first movement of the moonlight sonata first movement I hear in the background?

Wearing that shirt is not some subconscious “gratification of social dominance”. I severely doubt he or anyone else’d wear that shirt with bigotry in mind. The politically correct and socially fair-minded and kindnessminded will see that in it maybe, but the guy in question is one of those “attitude” people. That attitude should not promote bigotry or sexism, but it does because the PC-minded have decided that it does and the protests you will see against it are not misogynist in nature, they’re responses that has gone off the rails in the last couple of years. It’s only discrimination when people decide that it is, and that just makes me question whether people aren’t being a bit too sensitive at this point. I could understand if he wore a shirt that said “WHORE” or one with PoC that said “N*” then that’d be a clear sign, but a shirt with some good-looking, objectified women? Come on. There’s room for that… unless we decided there suddenly isn’t.

Any help it greatly appreciated!

We must end the reign of the international bankers

Naguib Mahfouz’s Cairo Trilogy is my favorite

Simply amazing


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