I dont get it? why you forcing yourself to get an A* an A is really good

Thank you for this video Yann Arthus-Bertrand! These are masterpieces, and I’m so blessed to watch these now! I have a suggestion: is there a way you could add the country name of these wonderful people being interviewed?


The disconnection between the reality and expectations of today’s student’s clashes with the formal way classes are taught. The social network has means that appeal to students of this generation, however, when confronted with the school system, their expectations aren’t meet. There is a need to revise practices in teaching. (MPeL-UAb Team Capa)

Knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness

Does being trilingual extend anything of that was mentioned? Or is this just a general concept that comes along being multi-lingual.


Is this about OCR for AS level?

But the problem is that we never heard this before, even though 150 years of anthropology brought society all kinds of narratives about ‘savages’ and now disappeared cultures, such as as those of the Native Americans.

That case system is nothing compared to Polish.

Thugga puts me in a trance when I’m high



First ever comment because I just found your channel yesterday. I know about 5 languages, if you count American Sign Language. Of those, I had to learn grammatical cases and tenses of two dead languages (Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek). Like you said in another video, learning a second language is the BEST to expand your mind and improve one’s “weltenshcauung” (spelling?). I’m a more analytical and thoughtful person than I would be without knowing languages. Thanks, Paul!

“Hi, welcome to McDonalds, what can I get you?” – music to my hears by Ronald McDonald

Why does it always seem to be these very rare, exceptional people who do happen to be ambiguous with gender who insist that’s the way it is for us all? I don’t think 99% of people feel as though they have their gender because of social pressure of any kind.

It’s a matter of time till people realize that we all are living in a shit world,

So glad I stumbled upon your channel! I’ve been working on building a scientifically plausible fantasy world for the past 20 years and had no idea anyone else built worlds just for fun! I’ll be watching through your whole library for sure as well as checking out your podcast.


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