Exam tomorrow. Thank God it’s in the afternoon!!!

In that case no one is guilty of murder, maybe greed but not murder.

Hhhhwhat?!! He speaks like that because he is a fucking retard…

During the 1980s the term “gender” became ubiquitous in women’s studies programmes.

Vox, if you register illegally and then voted, then you voted illegally. That’s not hard to wrap your head around.

John: Get a grip, man! You’re reviewing books! You DO NOT need to speak at twice the speed of light! Please slow down! Thanks.

Aright best idea i start a bicycle making business in africa employ africans and then sell bikes for much less then it is in the us.

I dont know

He will rouse


So let me get this straight, I’m clueless because I’m powerless. Many have millions to billions more paper than I do. I’m happy with roof over my head. The rich have that and plus because they sink the “Lower class” in the water for them to have a lifeboat. See why Titanic was epic? People that don’t have nothing was ok with death. They lived a dream. The rich shove them under the rug for their benefit. Just one more minute is all I ask! Now you tell me who appreciates life more. The buy? Or the bought?

I don’t understand how thinking women’s bodies are hot is sexist. The man thought the women were attractive on the shirt so he praises them by wearing the shirt. That doesn’t mean just because a woman is attractive and people recognize that, she can’t still be a successful STEM worker. If anything I would think it would help.

Uh… what? Your bro’s favorite word is Dick-whistle? Or are you addressing us all as your bros, and proclaiming that your favorite word is Dick-whistle, or is it something else entirely? While I admit that pricking people with pedanticism is particularly preposterous among the pantheon of possible points to propose… I seriously have no idea what you’re attempting to express here.

Chomsky posits that the “deep structures” are too difficult for a child to learn in 4 years, including the time in the womb. The “deep structures” if they exist, are the easy part. The surface differences, the vocabulary, the vernacular, is the hard part. Yet the child learns it. There is no reason to assume a “paucity of stimulus”.


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