Does the UC endorse the advertising shown at the start of this video?

Me estoy cagando de risa po la intro XDXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDjaajaajajjajajaaaaa

#7 “LOL it can’t be right period.” it is wrong according to Jesus

Hello this was a bit too fast and can you please explain it slower! THANK YOU!

Hey Thug Notes, I was wondering if you have a review on Native Son by Richard Wright? I’d love to see what your thoughts are on it.

I didn’t know you could find all these quotes in a book about ‘Adolescent Psychiatry’ 😉 (Lovely video nonetheless)

@Opportunist00 Geez! Hang in there man!

My mother is past

I want this game and a PB&J sandwich.

St robs kids i c u

“The bible got this one right” – false.

I love that people get soooo triggered on just Trump being president. these people try to demonized all Republicans and put the Dems on a pedestal. crazy

Kal means sword.

There are 171,476 words in the dictionary

Yeah, but the idea of suffixes to tell how information was acquired is an inspired idea. It’s unique among the languages I’ve read about.

Duaet sınav burdan cıkıcak yoksa seni nah dinlerdim😄

Suuuuper helpful, thanks man

I’m trilingual (I speak Telugu, Tamil, and English but I can kind of understand Hindi)


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