Can someone explain to me the jokes that the guy made at 5:35 (don’t have the Supreme Court) I didn’t understand it

You should do one over Night by Elie Wiesel

Obamacare is clearly unconstitutional (Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution). It only becomes effective if the people fall into line with this administration’s unlawful and unconstitutional procedures.

More of this, pleaseeeee

This appears to be one huge-ass whiteboard.

Also not kantism more like kuntism

Science credibility


God Bless You All God is Love and Christ Jesus was Glorified on the cross

Wow this is fascinating! Is he able to write in the same manor he speaks? does the slower pacing and visual concentration improve the legibility?

Is cheaper to have payed workers than slaves.

In German there is only one word for “sex” and “gender”. so maybe these people are just philosophizing about a quirk of the english language? at least in German this whole debate wouldn’t even have started.

@FirriTriah not possible for everyone, and smaller colleges offer less subjects


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