Earth is a fucked up place

Gave me goosebumps lol good content on this channel subscribed

Thank you!

I’ll use 10 for my example. 10-1=10-1 but what their saying is:

[ɪnt͡ʃɹəstɪŋ æksɛnt. ɑɪv nɛvɚ hɝd “part” pʰɹənæʊntst æz “pæɹt”. ɑɪ pɹənæʊnts ɪt “pʰɑɹt”. ju ɑlsʌʊ dʌʊnt sim tu hæv æz mɛni væʊl ɹədʌkʃnz æz, fɚ ɪnstns, mɑɪ noɹðɚn kæləfoɹnjə æksɛnt.]

This makes my brain hurt…

It’s sad Central Asia is no longer Indo-European 🙁

I live in Australia on the East Coast!!

Have you any lecture on monopoly and game theory…

What if your a woman wearing a skirt, do you still sit with your legs wide open and spread your arms out to occupy empty chairs?


To be honest, My English listening is poor, but since I’ve started watching you teaching stuff, I noticed that I could catch almost every word you say It’s very easy to listen to. Keep good up work, Emma 😀

Think about it! Or sheep 😉


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