All of your videos accommodate me a lot thanks for uploading

Awesome animation! =)

1. Mankind is currently proto-linguistic.

NOW 22 – v=tXxtuybl7b4

Kris I liked what you did with the Twitter logo at the end πŸ™‚

Does programming languages count?

So sad this only has 9.3Mil vieuws… should be 7.6Bil

Who else puts a circle over their letter i


Really Superb!!

Essay proofreading service:

So good lesson

Hell yes! thank you I spent an hour re-reading the text book and still couldn’t comprehend.

This is pretty much allusion, I mean if this guy is a nerd, wouldn’t he know that?

Brsk – brΕΎ, besok – obisk, bunke – bunka, nabunkati, butt – butniti, butati, drag – draΕΎiti, dromme( Dreme) – dremati, dronne – drneti, drysse – trositi, gnata – gnati, gnida – gnida, grabba – grabiti, grunda – gruntati, gunga – gugati, hel – cel, hit – hitro, kopa(izg. Kupe) – kupiti, lank (izg. Lenk) – členk, mange – mnogi, mare – mora, mena – meniti, minne – spominjati se, mole –

The problem with conspiracy is that (albeit it is for the most part true), it DOESNT HELP. It just gets you depressed is all.

Seems to boil down to whether a collective society or an individualistic society is the superior.

I am really looking forward to your other videos.

It doesn’t even show technical skill, anyone can frame shit badly

I am doing a Critique Assignment for my 101A class, but I still don’t know when and where should I put the quotation into my Critique Paper. Should I use the quotation in the Summary, Evaluative Criteria or Response?

1. women are disproportionately sexualized in the media

That is through article #5 which is a ‘constitutional convention’.

Can you please do George Orwell’s 1984

My high school is doing things about this we are going new tech meaning we get laptops for every class instead of books. man i love technology

Get the fuck out.


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