Erika obviously missed being with them, I wonder how she was able to come back to the states and remain here. One of the reasons I haven’t traveled back to my ancestral home is that I fear I’ll never come back.

Los veteranos del canal hemos tenido pesadillas con azucarilla pensando que nos iba a quemar la casa

Amazing video


Legal: Never say someone has done [insert criminal action]. Rather say ‘it seems like…’ , ‘apparently they have…’ , ‘based on this information I suppose they have indeed…’.

Wrong. This is just bullshit.

My teacher used this article as my 9th grade test and she even included the “be good, I love you” inside it. 😭😭 Most of us lost our confidence to answer the sheets

Thank you very much sir! In this video you have covered all the HR questions and answers. It is very useful to Fresher.. Thanks for your great and knowledgeable information sir!

Please let me hug her as long as I can, very warm big huuuuuuug, OMG 😭😭😢😢😢

I wish he could teach me. I know FA.

This guy almost sent me to sleep.

He won and he will win again, so you butthurts better go to the store for more butt ointment.

Plzz macro k SB chapter ka video banao

My sc is ellieb1111 :)x

Midterm paper goooooooooo


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