What did the librarian say to the child

He wasn’t as loud back then hear in this video

In order to restore our government to one which is of the people, for the people, and by the people, we must sever the heavily unbalanced influence of money and wealth from politics, or acquiesce to the notion that people such as Trump will increasingly be given unparalleled power and authority. Failure to do so will lead our country into an abyss where morality, truth, justice, freedom, and liberty no longer exist.

Subee mas subee mas estoo para my(cancion litlle inferno)

“The Crystal Cave,” “The Hollow Hills,” “The Last Enchantment,” “The Wicked Day”–a fantastic spin on the Arthurian legend by Mary Stewart, first book came out in 1970.

– Sean Penn (Harvey Milk)


Can you PLEASE make a video on endangered animals. Listing of all of the endangered animals.

Sorry we are annoying but tell me just how much fun you are having dissecting everything about us that you hate. Then take the millions of years of evolution and creativity it took to make up perfect meanings for each and every one of those noises. When you hear each of them you can tell exactly what we mean. It’s like we make up a whole different language and we can’t even get some credit. We did it without almost any prior knowledge. We are not even out of high school! Sorry this was so long.

I think today also we are taking lives with consent. Take the example of army. Here soldiers sacrifice their lives so rest of us can live a better life

I just enrolled at MBA and one of our subject is Managerial Economics, we only meet once a week with the Professor and so videos like these helped me a lot. Thank you sir from Philippines!

This is wonderful. Thanks for your help!

My computer ran out of battery and died mid essay.

I love science

(on a larger scale, of course)

Chomsky is yet another anti-American who lives in an ivory tower with little real knowledge of what made America one of the only countries of the world where people want to come here, rather than other places. He just doesn’t get it. Sorry, he deserves no respect from those of us who have watched and listened to his self-serving remarks over the past few decades.

Greetings to all my Indo-European and Aryan Brothers from an Kurd


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