Thats nive love from pakistan

Your fucking good

I agree about the DRM. It is good Spore sucked because with the DRM it has I can not play it anymore. Yes I am one of the suckers who bought spore. So if it has DRM I won’t buy it. Now I will even then play Planetary Annihilation but weather or not I pay them depends if it has DRM or not. With DRM I dont buy.

@whole27, for 30 years I believe the BS. I saw how preachers use it to control the mindless. One day I was in service and the preacher was talking about Noah. I said to myself, WTF. For the first time in my life I went and did the research and the reading and what I found opened my eyes to the truth. All religion is man made and none of it from the so called Almighty One. Even the earthquake in Haiti proves it more to me that there is no invisible one up there. It is all about the mind.

1 comment like = 1 support to the teachers in each vid

In latin, there were six case inflections, but in portuguese, my mother language, there is no grammatical case. Only the personal pronouns change their form depending on their function in the sentence. English and most of the modern romanic languages are similar in this grammatical feature.

Dope im probably gonna get a A tomorrow.

Definitely need more of these – could do an entire episode on Sports figures (John Goodman as Babe Ruth) or Presidents (Josh Brolin as Bush)


Is it important to tell language students about the three kinds of meaning?

Im not englush or american but i understanfd the language

Tom Hiddleston’s Hank Williams/Robert DeNiro/Owen Wilson

Comic Sans is a great font for presentations.

You are from roots

If somebody’s shirt makes you think twice about entering the field you’re passionate about, you’ve already lost.

“They even got Peter Molyneux from Microsoft!”

Omg i cant believe he died :'(


This video made me feel so much better about my life.


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