I hope this comes out on mobile this seems like a good game

Excellent series! Thanks for making it. Will become a patreon when I am able.

I don’t know why but that girl (the student, not the teacher) kinda pisses me off real bad with her speech and such… (-_-)

I’m sorry, Jennifer, nice try at normalizing him, but epic fail. Nobody in my family speaks like that, but then, we’re all past the third grade. And you left out the endless repetition of phrases to fill time, since he has nothing to say in the first place. Empty promises and lies.

I want to fuck Penelope’s mouth so hard

Charlemagne got embarrassed

Lost it with the trump pinata

Dang this guy is poetic

Sir good

It was made possible to make this game only from kickstarter, SO STOP BUCKING COMPLAINING!

Pretty cool!

Thank u & your presentation skills r awesome bro

Beethoven is the Buckethead of classical music

I enjoy watching thouse videos I’m steel study english and this is a exactly tool that i was needed

The Stranger

My lil sis played this in the car once….. She downloaded….. Darn you 6 year olds…


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