I didn’t ever think of Foucault as a “things were better in the good old days” kinda thinker. I thought it was more complex way of looking at history?

I cry everytime he pronounces his surname wrong.

β€œAnd I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.”


I’ve used loads of your revision techniques and they have helped so much. Thank you.

Civil war

My teacher puts me to sleep. Your a life saver keep it up.

You might not like him America… But you can’t deny….

One in my class has small handwriting but she is not shy

You are awesome!

COPY THAT!!!! Ohhh?? The lying! LOLZ! Most of my groups does it but I love listening to them and insert my own jokes and stories as well just that sometimes I don’t always know how to make my topic sound interesting luckily I found this video thank you soooo MUCHHHHHH you are a BRILLIANTE UK MAN!!!!!!! Takecare of yourself UK MAN!

I love how the bird throws the object across the room after answering the questions correctly.

Both. Like I said Einstein used the philosophical thinking method called “the scientific method” to come up with his theories.

I am happy to hear that the YouTube bots will replace you.

This was legit my main pet peeve with Civil War and no one understood what I meant when I said it looks ugly but yes it’s the lack of color depth. Everything looks like it’s set on the lowest saturation setting on my tv and it does the movie a huge disservice.


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