Oh man thank you thank you I was so confused and I asked for my lecturer’s help and she’s like listen to lecture which I already had but wasn’t clear so ur awesome!!

That last sentence… made me grin πŸ™‚

This is amazing, love this stuff, keep it goin’!

This will be so helpful, I will deffo refer back to this with my GCSEs!!πŸ’–πŸ’–

Thank you!

Sanskrit should be National Language of India.

Umm can i come with you??? πŸ˜‚

Also could you maybe make an updated morning routine?

Obviously, the trolley driver isn’t murdering anyone. He didn’t premeditate a trolley malfunction. Making the choice that would result in the least amount of ‘killing’ is, of course, the moral choice.

Expect this difference to somehow colour their production of knowledge in some ‘queer’ way.

Thank you very much for your video. You make it seem so easy. Sure wish I’d known about this awhile back, but will certainly apply it going forward.

I was unaware of the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor. This video just ruined my day. I’ve been wishing for 15 years that someone would realize that game needs a sequel every generation. I’m honestly upset.

LOL the inbox outbox game is like ladder logic program.

I kept looking at the symbol on the board going doctor who? Should I fangirl? Should I just pretend I don’t see it? But it is beautiful galifraian (sorry spell check doesn’t work on words from doctor who)

Thnks so much sir you are a good teacher I am very thankful to u

Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace = LIEF

What is the background music s name?

Inside we both know what’s been going on

I thought harvard was good University. These lame fucks bore me!


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